Water Softners

We are the largest Erie Water Softener distributor in the tri state area. We provide softeners for residential as well as light commercial applications. We also service most major brands.

Salt delivery and sales

You get commercial grade salt, which is only available through distributors such as Water Werks, which helps your softener run more efficiently, and last longer! Don't put inferior store bought salt into your softener. Insist on ProSoft Commercial grade salt which is 99.8% pure.

Two options available:

With the garage drop system, we drop either 10 or 20 bags in your garage, and you, the customer, bring them to the softener from there. When you order 20 bags, you get 1 free! When your supply is exhasuted, simply call for another drop. No more forgetting to pick it up at the store, or your softener running out. If you can handle bringing the softener salt to the softener yourself, you can save yourself some money by going with the garage drop delivery system. With both options, we still do our 7 point check of your softener when we deliver the salt, making sure your softener is operating at peak efficiency and that there are no problems.

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Systems Sales and Rentals

We sell Microline systems. Available from 35 gallons per day up to 100 gallons per day. Microline systems remove up to 95% of most impurities found in your water. If you are not sure what the quality of your water is, this system will give you peace of mind. Or if you are currently buying bottled water, a system from Microline can virtually pay for itself saving you many dollars year after year. Many customers hook their Reverse Osmosis System to their refrigerators also. It will give you crystal clear ice cubes, and great drinking water as well if you have a door dispenser. When you purchase a system from Water Werks, we put you into our filter change system. So when the time comes for your filters to be changed, you don't have to worry about it, we come and do that for you automatically!

Go Green Billing

If you want to simplify your billing, sign up for our direct withdrawal (ACH). Your billing will automatically be withdrawn from your account. No more late fees or forgetting to pay your bill. Save yourself the postage and sign up today! Going green has never been more painless! Contact us and we will get you signed up